Does anyone still play Halo 3?

I am curious if anybody still plays the original Halo 3 (not the MCC one). Because I’d like to play it some time.

I haven’t played it in a long time. I was going to load it up once the Xbox One can play it. Not many people who still play it anymore

I still play it… I find it one of the best halo games so far at least in my opinion

I play occasionally when I want something a bit slower than Reach. Vehicles are OP though since their damage is purely cosmetic.


Still playing that and also ODST

Took about 10-25 minutes to find a game…

Still and will always be my favorite and play it!

I still play it and its good to play once in a while.

I do play it here and there. (That is on the 360 I play it all the time on MCC) My personal favorite

Sometimes on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Most I’ve seen in H3 in the past six months was like 4,000 people online.

I do. Having trouble finding the old fun games like ghost busters and saw.

When I end up playing Halo 3, its usually because its voted for in MCC but I need to play it on 360 like the old days