Does anyone still like infection in Halo Reach

I know being infected is not fun but does anyone play infection Anymore…

yea, you will easily find games.

I find being infected the best part, infections best played with atleast one other guy covering you , if not you are zombie food

when i get my tv back id love to play infection with you guys

I like playing infection although it’s not as fast paced as Halo 5’s infection. The shotgun in Reach has a longer recoil and it doesn’t kill a zombie in one shot. But that makes it more fun because it’s a challenge to kill the infected.

I prefer Reach’s infection much more so than Halo 5’s iteration. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t like it.

Reach’s infenction is a lot more fun but the thing that always annoyed me is when you and the zombie both died at the same time, due to the limitations of 2010 they really were not able to make the energy sword consistent sometimes you swear that you should have gotten that kill and sometimes you know you should have survived but you don’t. I don’t like some of the forged maps in infection but it’s still fun to play when I get bored. Custom games infection is still amazing add me on xbox for some customs in reach TTG Dynamite73