Does anyone remember pet flood?

not sure if it was in CE but you use to be able to blow the arms of a human flood form and have them follow you around like a pet, anyone ever do this?

It’s almost irresistible every time I play it.

haha yup. The beginning of Keyes where there are endless flood this is always a goal.

I love pet flood! hurray for pet flood! I actually used to call them my buddy

So many good times man. So many.

I call them “Pheru” :wink:

This is the first time I’m reading about this. lol.

> I call them “Pheru” :wink:


Yep. Can’t wait to do it in Halo: Anniversary. :slight_smile:

Remember? They still exist in H2 (IIRC) and H3. You just got to take that whip arm off.

But it was much better in CE since you could control their movement speed by taking off 1 arm or both arms.

I called them Flood Buddies.

Way to make a guy feel like he belongs :slight_smile:

> I called them Flood Buddies.

> > I called them Flood Buddies.

I was always parcial to “my squishies,” since there wasn’t much else they could do.

Just one more thing to look forward to. :slight_smile: