Does Anyone Remember How Halo 4 Was Revealed? (Not by E3)

Halo 4 turns 9 today, and it got me thinking about its rather unique reveal that actually came before E3 2011/2012.

If you were signed up to the Xbox newsletter in the year leading up to the games official teaser trailer, you would have gotten a small section of the box art in the same email. This was a rather unique way of revealing that another Halo game was in production as the entire Xbox Community had to band together to piece the picture together.


Interesting, I did not know that, but I like it. First I saw of it was E3 I think.

I still have my Halo 4 email lol.


Wow, lol. What made you decide to keep it? I deleted mine forever ago, but I can still remember what section of the box art I got.

I usually clear out my emails regularly but I went waaaay back and found it around the time Halo Infinite was announced and I have it starred since. It is the “Here’s your peice of the puzzle” email.

I remember that. A bunch of vertical slices. It ended up being that promo picture where John is doing a 3-point landing with his AR out to the side, I think. I had a slice and the full picture saved for a long time but deleted it before I got a new computer at some point. I tried to look up some info about it but came up empty handed.

share the email? because im having a hard time believing they had the boxart set even before the e3 reveal

I should clarify that what I remembered was based off memory, and that I have found out more information since, making some of what I thought was right, wrong.

The box art, which was revealed through the email as previously stated, was sent out in March of 2012 whereas the Halo 4 reveal happened at E3 2011. So, I was right in a sense that it happened before E3, just not the E3 I was thinking about, lol.

What is your Discord IGN? I have the email if you want to see it