Does Anyone Really Want To Have Fun Anymore?

Honestly, all I see is complaining from both sides. Complaining against the complainers, and complaining against Sprint or anything else. Honestly, we saw, what, 30 seconds of gameplay? That’s like looking at a lonely battery and judging how much charge it has! I can understand if your complaining after two or three months of reveals, but it’s too early for anyone to judge.

Also hardcore vs. Casual is getting on my nerves. I thought we played this game for fun. Casuals want to play the game for fun, and Hardcores want to play to get some satisfaction over winning in a video game. Seriously, both these sides need to calm down and play what they want. No game developer is going to specifically cater to either side if they want a good game, so that’s why they’ll have playlists for both sides. However don’t forget the only reason we should really play games, which is to have fun! I think everyone kinda forgot that. So let’s chill out, and have nice discussions. Wait till we learn a lot more than we already do.

Good luck attempting to appeal to the logic of this community. Regardless of what happens, individuals such as yourself will still have fun, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Let the children squabble.

I’m keeping myself open to new things.
Why? Because a good game is a good game. It’s that simple.

its not like its a movie trailer… 30 seconds of gameplay is a lot to judge a game like halo. if we know theres perks and sprint that can make someone decide if they like those things or not. what would having 10 minutes of it do? some people just dont like sprint or perks in halo

I can understand what prompted the thread but it’s not going to end well, unfortunately, and I’m going to preempt that. :confused: