Does anyone play the epic halo wars anymore?

Halo wars lovers unite!

gt : MilkFrog1027

im down for co op campaign or practice fights lol

I’ll definitely be playing it when it comes out on backwards compatibility for Xbox One.

One of the best games to come out on the Xbox 360. Can’t wait for Halo Wars 2.

I still play with my buddies in custom 3v3s. Willing to play with others too. If you want to play with or against someone new send me a message on xbox. This random DMR is my gt.

Hevent played it in like 2 years ive been dying for it on BC

I’ll be on as soon as BC comes out. I have tried the disk every day this week…
Original General - though may be rusty! - will be looking for some regular players as soon as BC comes out.
Add me / message me.

Maybe we will play you will probably beat me because i was good at the game but not that good.

I could use someone to do a co-op campaign with me. I still need to get that achievement.

I’m down for co op campaign add me

It’s been a LONG time since I played wars but I am up for a game my gt is HELL AND FURY


Just cranked up my 360 to test it before trading it in and went into 3v3… got a game!

I haven’t played it yet! But I’m slowly trying to 100% all the halos so I’m planning on starting it soon.