Does anyone miss the Multi-Team Playlist?

I loved this playlist on Halo:Reach. Besides Rocket Hog Race. That was stupid. But I miss KOTH and Oddball and headhunter.

I miss all of the Classic Halo playlists that 343 decided weren’t worthy of their Halo sequel.

Yeah, I agree. Even if they do decide to include the playlist,they will probably only test if for a week then remove it like Team snipers. Why do they feel there is a limit on the amount of playlist listed in matchmaking. Maybe if they had dedicated servers and good connection search options they wouldn’t have to worry about not enough people playing each playlist, if they were to have 20+ playlist to choose from. anyone agree?

uhh YESSSSSSS! It was my favorite playlist in halo 3 and Reach. Even after they changed it to 3 man teams it was still one of my favorite thhough I prefer 2 man.


I miss it. I often play with a large party & it was nice being able to break it down into several small teams from time to time. Right now it’s basically just BTB & Dominion.

More options are always good.


Def one of my favorite game types! I miss it! BRING IT BACK!!!

Along with ASSAULT!!!

Yes, Assault was really fun! why can’t they just bring back all the old maps for free and the playlist for free!!!