Does anyone know

Does anyone know if they will ever add a firefight mode if they do I hope we can earn points towards the battle pass in it

In a year or two. Probably. Maybe.

Man… Scotty doesn’t even know. (I wish they would add firefight)

I doubt they will. 343 probably intends to push out Forge and coop campaign and see how the game is doing from there. If the playerbase declines (which I highly anticipate if 343 doesn’t tackle the crossplay/cheaters situation quickly enough), then they’ll probably just go back to working on MCC with some new Battle Passes for Infinite, but that’ll be about it.

Halo Infinite is the platform of which the next 10 years of Halo will be built upon. Firefight, which has been a series staple and beloved by the community, will almost assuredly come in some form or fashion during this time frame.