does anyone here own or play Halo 2 vista???

i bought it a few months a go, and never had a day where i dindt have a game online. but i feel its missing something. i need to get a group of people together to play online with. the only playlists up are generally ctf based :confused: any one have it that wants to play like now? lol

I don’t have it anymore. I don’t know why people bash it so much; it’s a fun game. However, when I got all the achievements and couldn’t find any people online, I gave it away.

i like it. i wish there was online co-op though… i guess its back to the campaign XD

I still have and can play it but there are not many people who still play it and most of the time it is some stupid random gametype on coagulation. Also the game runs poorly even on the lowest resolution, atleast for me. I mean I want to play it but there really is no incentive to.