Does anyone even use the gambit boosts?

I’m honestly curious because they seem beyond pointless to me, well most of them do, I guess if you’re doing diamond rank gameplay you’re going to use the spartan kills gambit, but medal count and assists?
Esp. since you can’t view earned medals in the post game carnage any more.

Gambit = gamble. I usually use them, and it works (I complete it) 90% of the time

I tend to only use the guaranteed xp boosts. That’s about it.

I sell arena gambits, I use the warzone gambits, they can pay handsomely.

I use them. Primarily when I’m like, “ah, I have them. I’ll just use them and see what happens.” I would drive myself CRAZY trying to successfully use them.

I use them all except assist. I find that one annoying because to get it you have to purposely let your teammates get the kill

I do the Ai kills for warzone when i know im gonna focus npc’s but thats about it

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> Gambit = gamble. I usually use them, and it works (I complete it) 90% of the time

Yep, the payoff is good. I was using Medal Ultra Rare ones for example yesterday and netting 15,000+ Experience from completing them. (Warzone)

Most of the time when I use any Gambit I failed. I can have a hot streak of Spartan kill and the moment I use it, I play miserably. Same with any other Gambit cards. Those gamble cards are putting to more pressure on me loll

I use every boost I get. Sometimes they don’t pay but most of the times I get them done.

I’ve never used them. Honestly, I don’t really understand how they work.

I originally thought about just selling them because Id hate risking not getting anything out of them but you gain so much more from using them then if you dont get. Had like 20 gambit assists and I maybe didnt get the boost 1 or 2 times. A few extra thousand experiance helps alot. I will admit I am still holding my legendary AI kills one. Still afraid to use those ones.

I usually use them except for the Mission: Victory cards. I have an unfortunate condition where if I’m actively trying to win a game, I usually lose it, and using one of those cards puts me in “I must win!” mode so I end up screwing myself. On average I win just above 50% of my matches if I’m playing for the sake of playing and having a good time, but for some reason when I use one of those boosts it almost always goes down the drain. So I’ve started selling them instead. Any other gambit I use and often complete. The Warzone ones, as it’s been said already, are especially valuable. I’ve gotten upwards of 5000xp extra from high level spartan kills ones in a standard warzone game.

Only when i play Chess.

I sell all gambits, but use the other boosts. Unfortunately I never seem to get regular boosts, or much of anything in warzone which is all I play…

Any boost that I have more than one of I use. Never sure if it helps or not.

I sometimes times use it when I need a lot of xp.

I am usually one of the top 2-3 when it comes to assists and always have been since Halo 2. Especially as a warthog driver. So yes I use these all the time.

I sell them all. I only bother with just boosts for completion