Does anyone enjoy oddball rumble pit or commando tactical?

i hate both of these and think they are dumb choices to add to the playlist. does anyone actually enjoy them?

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Commando Tactical be wildin bro.
Let the gun have a moment to shine.


Oddball in Rumble Pit is good fun.

And the commando in TS is just like a DMR. If you’re wrestling with bloom it means you’ve missed the head shot.

I don’t like rumble pit.

I much prefer 6 player FFA slayer. It needs to be a permanent playlist.

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I hate commando SWAT.

I don’t mind rumble pit in all its forms

I like both modes. They bring some variety.

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I love Commando tactical. People don’t know how to aim and I destroy them with it.

You have folks trying to spam the commando and sidekick in swat like they do in other playlists, its absurd.

Like, son, the first shot is dead accurate, line it up


Commando tactical is pretty fun.

Oddball rumble pit should be banished to the fires of hell.


I don’t really find either all that fun. Commando Tac is kinda ok, but I find the accuracy of the gun to be an issue. Oddball is probably my least favorite gametype in Infinite.

I love oddball ffa. ive had some really sweaty games that gave me flashbacks of lone wolves

Regular FFA Oddball? Nah.


As for commando swat? I think the commando is an interesting for a SWAT playlist, but I just can’t stand the gun on a fundamental level.

oddball? you mean slayer with no point limit.

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Commando Tactical would be better if the Commando was more like a DMR. I get its the drunken love child of the BR and AR, but for the amount of recoil, it should be semi-auto. We have burst, we have full auto, where’s semi man??

If you’re wrestling with bloom using Commando it just means no trigger discipline. Tapfire for Commando is almost always better, and full auto is an option in mid range but even then, tap fire is more consistent.

Nothing wrong with Commando Tactical.

oddball ffa is good I prefer the variant where carrier is buffed,

I don’t enjoy tac slayer at all

I really enjoy both. Though I’ve noticed a lot of folks struggle in these modes for some reason. Oddball REALLY throws off people who don’t get that kills don’t count for anything, so you’ll see them trying to flank and set traps with the ball like they’re Mint Blitz and never, ever pick it up. It’s bizarre.

No idea why people struggle with the Commando in Tac Slayer. I find it a lot easier to use than the Stalker Rifle or Mangler in that mode. Guess they just hold the trigger and don’t tap it?

I dislike both. I wish FFA playlist stayed as FFA Slayer. And Tactical Slayer as BR’s only.

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I honestly don’t know what it is but I am garbage with the commando in SWAT and I hate it. I get the concept, I just haven’t got it down yet.

I used to say the same thing about SWAT manglers but it might be one of my favourites now (I still want a playlist with only BRs)