Does anyone else recall

Shortly after the reveal of the anniversary package, there was a large emphasis placed on the dangers soon to follow if the 343 remake of Halo CE included its own set of matchmaking.

The pressing concern that circulated was that remaking the CE Matchmaking experience would separate the consumer base; As virtuous as this sounds and as much faith I have in 343’s alternative, its all wool.

Its wool over the eyes of the consumer base and I don’t understand it. I don’t understand it, but I do and I’ll explain how I mean.

Well certain enough each person would have their own particular gripes about the anniversary playlist once it went live (to the best of their experience). On one hand the playlist was tested in the Reach sandbox with the sir-name of a “Title Update”. Once revisiting the playlist, it’d be expected that the update would have blossom into some well rounded package, but it’s not. The same playlist is present; in fact, its still dubbed a “Beta” playlist.

I suppose if you like Reach on Steroids, this playlist is for you and more power to you if you enjoy it. I digress, the main disappointment I noticed in the midst of all this much ado is that the classic playlist (present before the Beta) was omitted to prep for the Anniversary.

Its something I didn’t foresee as necessary, but like I stated earlier I understand it.

For those of you who have been following the updates and participating in the beta, where you expecting a better Reach experience or an all new one? When you purchased Halo 3 did you expect the game to resolve some of the woes that Halo 2 had (if any) and likewise for Reach to #3?

Seems to me like matchmaking in general, and what we desire from it, is a well rounded experience that all can approach (if not enjoy). The wool is that for some reason, Halo needs to continue to expand even when the most important parts of the story have been told. Reach, like its previous titles, set out to expand upon the formula that made the Halo experience enjoyable. With all the content and options present in Reach proven to be capable of some kind of “classical” balance, the only other reason clear to me for an extension of the story-line is to sell video games.

All this is fine, as it is to be expected, but why all this worry over “separating” the consumer base when you, the developers, are expecting them to purchase more games in order to do so? Who else recalls that this avoiding this was a “goal” of 343?