Does anyone else miss the 1v1 Playlist?

I don’t remember if Halo 3 had it, but Halo 2 definitely did. And it was my go-to playlist whenever playing alone.

I imagine it was probably not a popular playlist, but I loved the hell out of it. And for some reason Rumble Pit was never an adequate alternative.

Does anyone else miss the 1v1 Playlist? Ranked or Social (matters not to me), I’d sure play it if it came to Infinite.

1v1 would be fun, We should be detting duos soo tho :3

I saw that. Thats what made me think about it.

2v2 was another thoroughly enjoyed playlist, but at this point my duo buddy from the late 2000’s has long moved on from Halo.

if you ever wanna run some friendly 1v1s in customs or need someone for duos feel free to reach out

1v1s would be epic.

I’d be grinding the game like crazy if 1v1s came out.

2:2 August 9th. Pretty sure if duos gets played enough and people talk about 1:1 more, could see it at some point. But can only hope :sleepy: