Does anyone else just hate these timed challenges/events?

I’m very OCD with free timed cosmetics and seeing time fly by without or barely any progress is just frustrating, and knowing that if I fail I won’t be able to get those cosmetics again. It doesn’t help either that Fiesta is literally RNG: The gamemode. Does anyone else feel the same or am I just weird?


I hate this event period. Fiesta is bad on here and I just got another quit ban because my game crashed again. I’d really like to just play BTB but it’s STILL broken after nearly a month.


Yeah, forcing everyone to play Fiesta is dumb. Just make simple challenges to complete for any mode.

Whats annoying me most is the challenges and events themselves. How they drastically affect people playing the game, makes you play a certain way, last week with the capstone challenge getting splatter kills all week long people driving around with mongooses.

Even when you complete all the challenges then what. I can play the game the way I want and try and have fun…but it always comes down to other people being too focused on getting their challenges done. Objective games types no one cares, Slayer if we’re not winning people leave.

I honestly get bored real quick with infinite when I’ve no challenges. I just want to level up and try to unlock things and when I finally do I get bored again and keep switching.

343 managed to turn halo into a slot machine. If your not putting your money or your time doing challenges then the game isn’t that fun.

If only I had BTB working again I could have some fun, instead of feeling locked into small crapped maps being spam meleed over and over

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I just hate the fact that we are restricted to how much we can progress each week the event is active. I hate this kind of drip feed system and the fact that the event challenges are still behind normal challenges (which I’m pretty sure they said they weren’t going to do but I could be wrong) just makes it that much more annoying as you have to do challenges not for the event just to be able to do those certain challenges. Personally I’m done the normal BP so doing normal challenges is just another layer of annoyance to do but that’s not everyone.

I also really don’t like Fiesta in this game but that’s just a personal preference


These events with timed free cosmetics is pretty much the only reason I hop onto Infinite now. I stopped playing it at about the end of Christmas and started playing other games I got for the Holiday like Dark Souls 3 but for some reason I always torture myself trying to finish these because of the cool looking armor and colors…

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Yes. I just want to progress through the main battlepass and now most of my challenges are dedicated to this stupid event that I couldn’t care less about. The challenges should at least be separate.

Fiesta is trash, and Tenrai cosmetics are ugly as sin for the most part. There are about 3 or 4 things that interest me in that whole cosmetic path, and slogging through Fiesta just isn’t worth it.