Does anyone else hate Pegasus?

I hate to be that guy “remove pegasus” but l seriously hate that map. There was some other map at launch 343 removed, l don’t remember what it was called but it wasn’t nearly as bad as Pegasus. All it is is camp the red spawn or camp the blue side. (This is in SWAT, I’m not sure what it’s like in other modes). It’s also just boreing and ugly. I know that forge didn’t have all the features it has today when this map was made but the map is just an eyesore to look at.
So basically it plays bad and looks like -Yoink-. That’s how l see it anyway.

Yes I do. It’s an okay design IF it was a real map, not something 343 insist we play on. It’s just not impressive. My maps are 1000x more aesthetic and functional

Strongholds i think would be good on that map.

I agree. They ruined it after the Beta, and it just doesn’t work as it is.

Terrible map. Holding red tower gives you rocket, sniper, shotgun is just a quick dash away and the high ground.

The other team spawns blue and over shield… You need more than overshield to break a setup when they have every other advantage.

Either fix the map or remove it. I would prefer to move it. But they could.

  • Reduce the size of Red tower. Its a big space up their and its easy to avoid nades.

  • Move rocks, snip and ovie. Maybe have rocket stay, put sniper where overshield spawns. Then test having overshield either mid house or sniper plat.

But seriously just get rid of it.