Does anyone else go on youtube too look up

Does anyone else go on youtube only to type in “Halo 4 sucks” or “Halo 4 is cod” only to laugh at everyone’s reactions? just asking =P

Nope, that seems kind of silly and pointless.


> Nope, that seems kind of silly and pointless.


No because those people are nostalgic idiots. Halo 4 and CoD are CLEARLY different. Also those people have the games they want to play already but yet they demand a $60 reskin.


I have a life.

No, only because i dont have the motivation.

Now i want to because you mentioned it.

no, have no time watsoever to look up ppl’s opinion on Halo 4. If i think its good, then its good. People have different opinions.

> No.
> I have a life.

Right behind you on that.

I would never type those 2 words in the same sentence, never.

no because i am not an idiot.


No, they can sometimes be a bit depressing and pointless to watch.

Ha, yes I do, all the time. It’s interesting, and sometimes entertaining.

Search for any Halo video, you’ll find those comments anyway.

I don’t even have to type that in… All you have to do is go to any Halo 4 gameplay video with a lot of views and look at the comments from (Judging from their language) immature 12 year olds.

Then there’s also trolls from COD who come in and talk trash about the game (Only to be attacked, humiliated, proven wrong, and sometimes even threatened by everyone commenting).

> No.
> I have a life.

But we are go on Waypoint. We obviously have no life lol