Does Anyone Else Get Game Crashes on Firefight?

This issue with me periodically will pop up with and hasn’t been bad lately, but the last few days it’s really been starting to happen a lot lately. Does anyone else get crashes while playing firefight, specifically on the bonus round? It gets really annoying and to top it off the last time it happened I got hit with a 5 minute ban because I “left”.

EDIT: This does happen on ODST as well, but I should specify this mainly happens on Reach FF for me.

Would get them a few weeks ago, but not lately.

I have never experienced it happening in Firefight, only on the very odd occasion during Slayer multiplayer. Does the whole MCC app freeze and close and you get booted back to the home screen, or do you just get kicked from the game and end up back in the lobby? Also what console are you using? This could go a long way to determining what your issue might be.

Ya I should have specified I’m on the Series X. It freezes my whole game and kicks me to the dashboard. I’ve had it happen in BTB as well but that’s honestly pretty rare for me.

I think I know what’s going on as it sounds very similar to what was happening to me frequently. Do you use the quick resume feature? If so, I’d highly recommend that you close the game every single time you are done playing for the day (as in quit) and then reopen it the next time you are ready to play. Quick resume is a known reason to cause what you are describing, as is the new customization. If the first option doesn’t apply to you, I’d suggest disabling all of the new customization as that is also a known reason for crashes. Best of luck to you.

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Funny enough I don’t use the quick resume feature and I don’t use skins either so maybe I’m just a special case lol

Recently no, but the past few weeks yes occasionally it did happen, turning off the new armour doesn’t fix that, it was crashing whether I had it on or off (not every firefight, i’d say 1/4 full set FF matches). I’m on PC.

I play reach firefight arcade and bam and I don’t experience any crashes. But I also don’t play a ton of firefight, probably only 2-4 games a week. Because of work I play what I can to get the challenges done.

Yes. I’ve been experiencing this the last few months. I’ll be in a 4 person reach or odst FF match and towards the end of the 2nd set it will back me out to the main menu of MCC, like I quit the game. When i try to rejoin it sees it as i left the game intentionally. I would understand the game crashing, but it’s literally kicking me from the match.

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