Does anybody want to Role Play...or date on Halo Reach?

I am feeling kind of lonely and I just got halo Reach back from my cousin. Does anybody want to join a custom game and Role play? You know…cyber …stuff?? I…used to do that with my girlfriend. I would be a spartan, and she would be an elite. We would both…act out …stuff.

Here is how it worked: I set the respawn time to 3 minutes. Then I assassinated her, so that her body flopped to the ground sprawled in front of me. Then I would move back and forth on top of her body while she made moaning noises through the microphone. (I won’t get into anymore detail since this is a video game website.)

It has been so long since I did this, please don’t laugh. Does anybody want to give it a try? I am bisexual, so it can either be a guy or a girl. If you are interested, hit me up, my gamertag is: Xplodingpiglets. I know it says quackpython038 on here, but that is onlybecause I didn’t know you could sign up with your xbox live account.

You have to have a decent connection because there will be a lot of fusion coils exploding. They help the controllers to vibrate, which can feel incredible when you leave them on your lap.

haha now where is the report button…

Interesting tale OP. Now where did I leave my brain bleach so I don’t have to remember any of this…