Does anybody know?

I am tired of Infinity Slayer. I do not like the randomness of it, and how chaotic and mindless it often becomes. I am not hating on anyone that enjoys playing it, but I was wondering if 343 is planning on implementing a classic slayer playlist anytime soon?

Also, do not say slayer pro is classic slayer, because it isn’t.

What I am talking about when I say classic slayer is:
Static Weapons
no loadouts
no AA’s
no sprint
no instant respawn

Yep they already got it

Halo 3


343I hasn’t mentioned it yet.

There is an MLG playlist coming up, but I doubt it will be truly classic like you described.

> Yep they already got it
> Halo 3
> #yolo

Halo 3 has an outdated netcode, and the servers are horrible. Is it that much to ask to get an infinity and classic playlist? I know there are a lot of people that want one, so why not have both to please everyone. I don’t care that people like infinity and I am not hating on it, but I would like to see a classic playlist.