Does anybody have the weapon lowering combo?

We already had it confirmed that weapon lowering was in, and 343 saying it was xbl was VERY sweet, but now that halo 4’s out does anybody know the button combo? Or is there some pattern I’m missing here and it’s the same general gist as the previous games, and you just have to figure out what buttons to hit based on your control layout? I figured seeing as how people already have videos of every terminal in campaign posted surely somebody has this figured out.

It’s a,b,x, down on the d-pad, all at the same time for the normal button layout. Only works in system link, splitscreen, and solo xbox network.

Thanks, the one thing I don’t get though is I could’ve sworn 343 said a couple months ago that it could be done on live, so do you or anybody else know what’s with the supposed change of heart?