Does anybody else have this happen?

So sometimes when im searching for a game it will find a game and say other players loading and sometimes it will stay on that for a couple of minutes until it finally starts the game.

Another thing is after a few matches my customization will get bugged to where i can’t customize anything there will just be a loading bar on equip that never goes away without restarting. I submitted a bug report its just so annoying like with all the big things wrong with this game you have a bunch of smaller stuff aswell.

I mainly just get on during the events to get free cosmetics and look to see if they weekly reward is worth getting so when the game is in a good state from however long from now ill have some stuff to choose from.

I haven’t but quick resume seems to be the source of all of my bugs. Get in the habit of restarting the game before loading up. Also, you can’t change armour whilst searching for a game.

Hope this helps - I presume it won’t but that’s the best I can offer x