Does 343i want this game to succeed?

the decisions this company has made defies any explanation and seems to be in a direct conflict with the interests of this game.

why can’t you select a playlist?
why is the radar still 18 meters a whole month after 343 acknowledged that everyone wants it extended?
why have I not unlocked any armor pieces after 25 hours of playtime?
why were the ravager and commando nerfed?
why are scorpions and wraiths so rare on BTB? why dont vehicles spawn at the same rate they used to?
why is there armor that costs $20?

if this is the level of effort we’re going to see on 343’s part moving forward then the future of this game does not look promising.


I ask myself the same thing.

My guess as to some of these things is because Microsoft cares more about money than longevity, and they’re forcing that on 343. As for things that don’t impact the price I have no idea. I get they may have thought certain changes were good. But if the community says they aren’t, shouldn’t the community get a say?

I suppose, but why then Forza Horizon is way better at those aspects?

I can’t say for sure. If I had to guess, maybe Microsoft had similar demands but the Forza team handled them better? I could be wrong on that, but from what I’ve seen it’s usually the developer that cares, but sometimes makes mistakes. And the Publishers that just wants to make as much money as possible. That’s not to say some devs aren’t money grubby. They can be, I just don’t expect it as much.

Don’t know if it’s it can be blamed on just 343i or Microsoft. I think it’s a combination. Microsoft is probably pushing 343i to make more money and 343i doesn’t have a great history with listening to the players when making the game. Look at Halo 5’s campaign or lack of split screen for example. It does appear that they both care more about money rather then keeping their veteran players happy while attracting new players.

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