Does 343i Plan On Fixing Bugs In Forge?

Half of my maps are unplayable because they use a lot of scripting, and at the moment they are very buggy. Something as simple as a rotating script is wonky and rotates at different speeds than I gave it. I hope these scripting bugs get addressed soon. I can’t work on any maps until this gets fixed.

Have a look to see if any of your problems are related to some solutions in this thread:
This thread includes problems with objects not spawning, scripting not working at all, timing problems, and scripts staying stuck on, e.g. faulty power channels.
In terms of a fix, 343 said they are taking a look in this thread, but I spoke to Tom French on Twitter, and he honestly doesn’t know what’s causing the bugs, so I find it is unlikely it’ll be fixed. You’ll just have to work around the problems.

There many work arounds. There’s many people that take scripting to insane limits. For rotation I have 7 different ways to make thing rotate smoothly and all of them use other ways to achieve it. Search stinger 05189 Philip on YouTube and U’ll see some amazing stuff.