Does 343 understand the feedback?

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With the amount of talking 343 does about Halo 4 it is mind boggling how little of it is of actual substance. I’d love to hear 343 delve into the ACTUAL feedback on Halo 4 in a weekly update. Honestly all we’ve seen for 8 months is awkward banter while they sit there ignoring the 4 million pound pink elephant in the room.

Does 343 understand the real feedback? Not DMR feedback. Not about the bolshot or CRS or playlists. I want to hear them talk about the main issues.

Campaign- Button pressing.

Do they understand this was an issue? Is this even registering on their radar or was the campaign perfect to them? A response that didn’t seem to be written by a robot would be nice. Saying we know we made mistakes and will do better next time is completely meaningless. What did you do wrong? What are you planning on doing?

Multiplayer - Abandoning core Halo

I would really love to hear them speak about where Halo MP is going. Are we stuck with loudouts, ordinance, perks, sprint etc forever? Do they see Halo 4 MP as a success?


I really hope not. Also, if they do see this yoink as a success then something must seriously be wrong with them.


I have been so blinded by terrible multiplayer I almost forgot about all those damn buttons in spartan ops and campaign. Hey spartan go over there hit that button then run back over here and hit that button! WAIT go back and hit the other button again!

I agree OP. Pretty much all my friends abandoned the halo ship when halo 4 was released and I want to know whether or not I’m getting my old halo back or if I’m wasting my time here

I doubt 343i would swallow their pride and remove the generic features that have plagued more than just the FPS genre.

After all, it’s one thing to acknowledge that negative feedback existed, and another to actually fix the problem that would require a pretty large overhaul.

Nothing can be done for Halo 4 short of re-releasing the matchmaking in a massive TU, but that won’t really bring back everyone that left, it likely will bring back 10-30% of the lost players and bump the population up to the 40-50k range.

But overall, I think they are aware the hole they dug themselves in, we are getting another Halo game this year, and currently, the only second chance they have is Halo 2 remake or something similar with a stand alone matchmaking, because there is a fart’s chance in the wind that a new game meshed into Halo 4’s matchmaking could hold the game up, historically that’s what they did with Halo 1 and Reach.

Basically, 343i has to abandon everything they copied from CoD which makes CoD a casual game, and copy everything they have done with has skyrocket recently, basically the massive competitive support with prizes and leaderboards, and most of all, not changing the raw formula.

Halo was always better than CoD in a skills sense which made it so great, but now with all these changes… It almost feels like the developers never played Halo before - Oh wait… Most of them haven’t.

The next Halo game really needs to be better if not 343 will loose the remaining
fans that it has.

  • I for one am a loyal Halo fan and won’t let one half baked game ruin the franchise for me.

343i should really go over to Epic Game’s forums and see how much attention the devs over there give to their players.

The game has been out for maybe a month or so, and they are already removing things that they put into the game, because they have the ability to objectively look at their game, admit mistakes were made, and change it for the better.

They are definitely okay with the idea of abandoning their “1 weapon start” philosophy that they touted for so long pre-release, because players have played the game, and realize that it is undesirable.

Yet, we are still stuck here with Halo 4, almost 7 months post-launch, we still have PP and plasmas in loadouts, point streaks (ordinance), rifles are not balanced, ranked finally in (everyone wanted TS but we received the inferior CSR system), X’s were added but not tested, majority states that de-scoping is more healthy for MP yet we still have flinching, JIP is still an issue, the list goes on…

Seems like 343 is so stuck on their pride as devs that they don’t want to change things, because that is an admission of fault.