Does 343 plan on bringing Zombies back?

Hey everyone, I’m more or less an achievement hunter (when I play a game I grind all of the achievement out to the best of my ability), and so far I have 100% completion (or the chance to get it) on every game in my history,and I would truly love to pop the disk in, but without any way to get that one last Zombie achievement I’ll just have to play on another account. Soo, my question, are they ever gonna bring back the living dead playlist even as a temporary thing, or is this a grey area?

They can’t switch anything around anymore due to Legacy Tech issues, but Zombies are currently in the Rumble Pit playlist if you get lucky enough for everyone to have the Mythic Map Pack.

I had this problem, only place I found zombies on mythic maps was in “7 on the 7th” and it took hours to come up and only seen it once 10/25/2013.