Does 343 not want us to play this game?

Ontop of the credit cap, which I’m not even going to go into why it’s asinine… I’ve experienced a LOT of lag in this game. A stupid amount, really. And today, it says I am back to level 1. I played two games of Spartan Ops, and I wouldn’t be surprised if 2 of my DoubleXP codes got ripped off because of it (got no experience or anything, I doubt the credits from whatever commendations I earned were given out either). It just makes me want to put in another game and never touch this one again. I just want to play the game I shelled out $100 for, and 343 doesn’t seem to know what the hell they are doing in order to make it so. Thanks for nothing.

I am sorry for knowing that… I have currently experienced server down issue… and I can’t play any multiplayer games at all. My SR is still not going up… Sorry! Halo 4! You are failed!

Bungie did stupid and pointless things like rank and xp caps too, but at least they didn’t have all these stupid glitches.