Does 343 ever respond in forums?

I’m not sure if this should’ve been a poll or a topic but has anyone ever seen a response to any forum from 343 industries? I see people ask for doubles, snipers, a social slayer playlist. They ask to fix grifball banhamner issues or the dedicated server issues etc… i mean the list goes on n on.Basically the reason for this is to really establish if they actually respond. 343 not halowaypoint monitors. I know most people will they say that’s what monitors are for or that the company has other pressing matters to attend to which is fine really but why WHY will they not respond to THEIR community? Thanks

They respond to posts with posts of their own almost never. They listen a lot.

I have a link or two in my signature where they respond and some employees post here. Frankie does occasionally, and Grim lives in the Halo Universe forum. BS Angel used to interact a lot when she was community rep or whatever they call the position. 343 typically post in the Halo 5 support forum from what I can tell. The players that have legit problems and are smart enough to post there get responses lol. See “armor mod glitch” and “no music in intro” in my signature.

They don’t need to respond to every thread complaining about similar issues. I’m sure they read through the forums silently taking feedback.

Most of the time they’re on Reddit from what I can tell as well.
I doubt they’re going to come and talk to every whining snot-nose kid who wants the pistol nerfed because he can’t four-shot like the rest of us.

The admins cannot respond to every post, it would be unreasonable to think they could or should.

If players provide more useful and constructive feedback rather than whining like 3 year old’s they may get more of a response from 343, or even changes implemented into the game.

As mentioned above, it’s impossible to address every topic but there are quite a few 343 employees that frequent the forums - from Grim in the Universe Section, the members of the Forum Team and at least one other employee that posts in Support, Guardians and keep track of the Feedback threads in Matchmaking, there’s Mellow that’s been helping out with issues surrounding Nightfall, Nightfall Armour and the Halo Channel, Bravo posts more recently and a few others I don’t keep track of.

tl;dr They do, more than people realise but it often gets buried and missed or they overlook the account :slight_smile:

343 responses are rarer than Hens teeth except for the awesome Grim in the universe section.
When BSangel ran things it was better.
Even when there are people repeatedly posting the same problems. (For example ‘no suitable fireteam’ error in H5) there will only be silence from 343.

If you come to these forums hoping for a 343 response don’t hold your breath because you will be a looong time dead.

Mostly the forums are a black slough of despair. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.