Does 343 even care!? ultimate halo 5 rant read!!!!

Last night i decided to jump on Halo 5 since i dont play it as much due to everything wrong with it. So i hop on Big Team Battle and do one mach and its all good. Next match it spawns me in another match and my team has me including 2 other people and thats all so basically 3v8 and were getting destroyed not to mention people joining and leaving. I decide to stay in the match despite getting spawn killed over and over and i never seen this happen on Big Team Battle so believe me i was pissed! I stayed in the match until it was over and look at the carnage report and the players. I decided to do another match since i still love halo despite everything wrong about the game, I look at the emblems before the game loaded in and seen it was basically the same players, I was like ok no big deal right? Yes its a dam big deal, the game and everything loads and guess what it put all the dam same people on the same F****** team and right when we start a teammate kills me for no reason and you know whats next right? Of course we get smoked again because 343 keeps the same people apparently on the same team so basically lets says pro players vs noobs! Believe me i’m not the best player but i’m pretty dam good but i cant do nothing with a shi* team that leaves, But this time i cant blame them i left to its ridicously 343 needs to balance the teams and if people still leave the games put quitters with quitters. I know this post is gonna get locked and me mostly likely getting banned but the funny thing is 343 will read this then lock the post then ban me but GUESS WHAT, THEY WONT FIX THESE ISSUES THAT THE FANS REQUEST AND We SHOULDINT HAVE TO REQUEST THEM 343 SHOULD SEE THE PROBLEMS WITH HALO 5 AND FIX THEM INSTEAD OF ADDING IN NEW STUFF !! I ABOUT HAD IT WITH 343! JUST PLEASE FIX THE GAME, YOU WILL EVENTUALLY WILL BUT YOUR TAKING TO LONG COME ON!!

i 100% agree with you it also happend to my and my cuz just getting the same team i mean dose no one else play halo but it needs sorting and think campers who dont use the snipe should get a warning to go on the battlefield and fight.

Please, no ranting. The lack of paragraph format is hard on the eyes, isn’t contributing to an open discussion and doesn’t actually say much other than “ARGH!”

If there’s something that needs to be addressed, give the search bar a try, contribute in the open discussions.