Do you want to Rise Above the rest?

Clan Name: The Terran Federation
Point of Contact: JohnsonIX
::INCOMING TRANSMISSION:: [The Terran Federation is currently recruiting for its military arm]
If you want to be apart of a professional, team-based, quality and friendly clan then the Federation is what you have been looking for. Emerging from the remnants of the Colonial Federation we have currently been up for seven months and are looking for experienced and motivated members to help our cause and become a member of our team. So what are you waiting for? Join something bigger than yourself and Rise Above!
Other Important Information: It is recommended you message me on Xbox for a faster and more clear response, make sure you state you saw the Halo Waypoint add and are interested in joining. We do have a Spartan Company that has our website and YouTube link to any media you may want to watch, Rise Above!
Terran Federation

  • Note: Numbers in the Spartan Company do not reflect the number of members in the clan as a whole.