Do you want the Bubble Shield to return?

As the grappleshot is sort of already iconic for Halo Infinite, the bubble shield was iconic for Halo 3. Would you like to see it return to the series?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only in Campaign, Customs, etc.

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I want it back so bad.

But only for customs. I acknowledge it tended to break the flow of play so can’t be added back in formal playlists (at least not in it’s classic form).


Good feedback, I added an option for this in the poll.


Agreed, that’s what’s so interesting about the bubble shield, it spices up the gameplay.

On the flip side, paired with an Energy Sword this could be really OP for certain game modes (Oddball, KOTH… basically any game mode involving holding an objective). As is, there isn’t currently an effective counter to the Energy Sword so that could be a problem. Or maybe that’s just fairplay, idk, but its something to consider.

I would like to see all the equipment available in infinite.

Yes, put the bubbleshield back in matchmaking along with the Og shotgun.

They’re a matchmade in heaven.

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Can I ask what you and others mean when you say “The Bubble Shield broke the flow of play”?

I get that the bubble shield forces players to slow down and change their approach, but isn’t that the point? The Drop Wall offers so little resistance that there have been times where a player doesn’t even stop firing and just bumrushes through it without a second thought.

I just feel that the Bubble shield had an overall greater impact on gameplay. It was something players really wanted to fight over. The drop wall doesn’t seem to have that same allure.

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Yes, but I think I’d rather have Reach’s Drop Wall so it can be destroyed with enough force. Maybe give it separate panels like the Drop Wall?

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@Sodium_Bath @Shanesaw9

I feel that the drop wall is a lot like the Regen Field (a defensive item that lets you shoot back). But the regen field only protected you from weak, low dps weapons. Rockets, snipers and shotguns just ate through the regen effect.

The drop wall is the other way around. It wall save you from a rocket or grenade, but ARs and Sidekicks will tear it to shreds.

All I can really say to this is that 343 doesn’t have to place those items on the map at the same time during zone control modes.

Yes but I do think it should be breakable this time. Nowhere near as easily as the drop wall currently is but with enough damage it should break. This would mean that combat doesn’t come to a complete standstill once a bubble shield is deployed.

Would also potentially like to see things like Power Drain, Regen Field, Grav lifts, etc. return and be updated for Infinite. Could be very interesting and keep gameplay feeling fresh with new equipment.

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That or maybe we just need more short ranged weapons, the classic shotgun would help in this regard.

The bubble shield could also be balanced by reducing the time it was active, in Halo 3 I believe it was 20 seconds but 15 seconds would perhaps be better.

Another hypothetical, what if hardlight weapons (which can pass through targets) could pass through bubble shields?

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The power drain is essentially the dynamos (dynamos > power drain), but for the rest I agree.

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Ah yh forgot about those, thats a perfect example of a good update to classic equipment.

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Agreed. If anything, do it for the sake of infection.

Yeah, a shorter time could work too.

Yeah, some weapons specifically designed to counter the bubble would be cool. Ravager goo still clips through walls. Maybe drop it on the floor and smoke 'em out of the shield?

Edit 2: I thought about it a little more and I think it would be better if the Heatwave rounds would get trapped in the bubble instead.

Edit 1: or just let us drop 2 drop walls at once.

Nah I hate the Bubble Shield. Slows everything down to a halt and it just isn’t fun to play against.

Hardlight weapons passing through is a terrible idea.

A shotgun and a power weapon? No it defeats the entire purpose of the Bubble.

Oh glorious Bubble.

Just put it in the game as it was, honestly.

Much like how you could nullify someone’s bubble shield with a grav lift. Imagine stealing a bubble with the grappleshot.

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What are you meaning here? Halo 3 had the Shotgun and Energy Sword

Nah, if any of the equipment should effect the Bubble it should probably be the Repulsor. A grapple shouldn’t even enter a bubble shield.


As in, the hardlight shotgun & power weapon shouldn’t pass through the shield.

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