Do You Want Stealth Missions in Spartan Ops

By stealth I mean that if you’re seen, there’s pretty much no way to survive or you automatically fail. You would have to silently work through a level, using assassinations, distractions, and (hopefully but doubtfully?) specialized silenced weapons. I think it would be awesome to have one every now and then.

I thought I was the only one… Yes, I would love a stealth mission

That would be awesome! Not trying to be mean but all the Halo stealth like missions suck -Yoink!

That would be pretty cool. Miss those silencers from ODST

also, what if we could use a knife like a weak but stealthy energy sword? that would be fun.

Hells yes!

As someone who loves Halo and Splinter Cell … i say yes!

  1. Nerf the AI hearing and sight range
  2. Nerf AI capability to identify player’s location
  3. Make the weapons have an effect on AI, even the loud ones (in CE, I could fire from behind walls and the AI wouldn’t know I was there if I didn’t show myself too soon. This would alter or induce patrol behavior)
  4. Make effect vary by range (if I’m firing from up close, the AI should be able to notice me)

When ever I think of the Spartan Ops missions, I imagine (and hope) that there is atleast one mission that plays out very similarly to Halo: Evolutions - Head Hunter. For those of you who have not seen this check out part one here. I would hope that a mission starts stealthy and ends with you completing an objective such as planting a detonator charge on an enemy base. I would also like the option to chose what style of attack I could use like completing the entire mission using stealthy tactics or complete it guns blazing. I would expect there to be a deep character development as well. This way you would actually look forward to understanding the story of Spartan Ops.