Do you want Community Maps in Halo 5?

I just realized another reason why Halo 3 had the best multiplayer. (Never played 2) There were no crappy community made maps. I am sick on playing Halo 4 on stupid community maps. When I try to play infinity slayer the only options are community maps. Please do not implement this in Halo 5. This is one of the things that killed Halo Reach on top of the horrible update thrown in by 343.

Oh and how bout a DLC playlist, I bought the maps, and I don’t get to play them, Ever. Waste of my money.

There are community maps in Halo 3, though, and quite wonderful ones at that. They definitely supplemented the excellent default and DLC maps in the game! I hope Halo 5 has default, DLC, and community maps that are at least as high quality as those of Halo 3.

Have a monthly contest on waypoint to add new maps the top ten go in to the playlists they work for and the top 3 stay or if 5 are really popular they stay

This would make a lot of the maps unique in the sense that the halo 5 forge will be significantly better

Plus dont insult community maps I like them just not the halo 4 ones which are well made but I just dont like them, they were fine in reach and halo 3 and THFE has loads of good maps that never get added in to the rota

I’ve seen many a community map play vastly superior to Dev maps. Do they look as good? No, but that’s not our fault.

You can blame that on lackluster forge options.

So yes, I would like to see community maps in the next Halo, but like Lehnaru said, a healthy balance of all types of maps would be preferably.