Do you want a Halo 3: Anniversary? And why?

Were it so easy…

Probably not knowing 343

Not in the Halo 5 section of the forum I don’t…


yes and no
yes because halo 3 was awesome
no because 343 will -Yoink- it up

I want Halo 3 anniversary !
Halo 3 Campaign with Blur cutscenes will be the best.

No, because 343 will ruin it and make it buggy so that only the 343 halos with their derpy Spartan abilities have any relevance on current gen.

Only if it came with an ODST remaster with Firefight in 1080p 60fps

Not really a topic for the Halo 5 forums, quite a few topics open on this already anyways :slight_smile: