Do you use a headset?

I don’t have one right now, and my HD TV speakers seem to do just fine in the mean time. Do you use a gaming headset, and if so, how much do you think it improves your ability to play well?

The only time I use a headset is when I am playing with a group of people I know. As far as using it for an “advantage” I don’t. I’ve got my TV step up on a sound system, but even before then I don’t think that it made much of a difference.

Yes I use a tritton headset, and it helps me to hear and locate sounds more accurate.

I use a pair of Steelseries Siberia V2’s with an Astro MixAmp. Best set up ever.

I found that the Astro A40 headsets were junk so I decided to just buy their mixamp and use it with a better headset.

It improves my game a lot. You can hear things you wouldnt hear other wise. Footsteps being the most notable. I just get a better mix of voice audio and game audio in a headset than i ever have with speakers.