Do You Think Warzone Firefight Is To Hard

If you think Warzone firefight is too hard i would like to know your reason why you think it is

Not to be a -Yoink-, but there is like 10000 of these topics, all with the same question, and all with the same answer… Which is “Yes”.
Except for the trolls who say “No”, but have a win/loss ratio of 1 win per 10 games.

The AI, some impossible boss rounds like Pipap on Apex, spawn constraints, limited time to complete insanely difficult rounds, the sponginess of enemies making only vehicles really viable, etc.

the list goes on. The beta was easy, but 343 over corrected on this one

I don’t think its too hard. That being said i have everything in the game. i can see how it can be viewed by people that don’t as too hard, however if you want to win use reqs, if you don’t have reqs, play other parts of the game till you do or play with a team. The game is much better when everyone can talk to one another.

With the exception of select rounds like defend the garage, defend the core(s), wardens in the core room, and pipap on apex, everything seems pretty doable. I didn’t like it at first, as I think we all found it a huge shock from what the beta was to how hard it is now, but now players know how to react and approach most objectives with at least a slim chance of succeeding.

This doesn’t mean that alot of the rounds aren’t fair. Any rounds with banshees or phaetons are really difficult, as they have pinpoint accuracy, and kill in about a second, leaving you with almost no time to react to their fire, and even if you do react, they can still kill you.

I’d like to see more viable power weapons/reqs, as of now most are completely useless compared to vehicles. Ghosts/warthogs/wraiths can ohko most everything but knights and bosses, and scorpions/wraiths have huge splash damage potential, eliminating whole mobs with one or two rounds. Chances are if someone broke 30k for a winning game, they were in a tank the whole game past Req 5/6 depending on their preference of tank. I want power weapons to be able to do that type of damage, even if its just situational stuff against specific bosses, but in their current state, weapon reqs are near useless compared to vehicle reqs.

I did, but then most of the noobs left, and I’ve been in winning games much more often. As long as people are willing to spam tanks, you’ve got a fighting chance.