Do you think Turn 10 and 343 will collab with FH5?

I really hope we see a Warthog—and possibly even another Halo race event—in Forza Horizon 5! Driving around Britain in the Warthog is one of my favorite things to do in FH4, but I like Mexico’s climate way more than the UK’s and would kill to experience that environment in my favorite sci-fi car. Who else wants to see another collab between Turn 10 and 343!?

I sure hope they do cuz I’m a big fan of Forza horizon, not as big as halo tho :slightly_smiling_face:

I reckon there’s a good chance the Warthog will make a return, even if it’s just taken straight from Horizon 4.

Either way, I guess we’ll see in a couple days.

The warthog is in fact in horizon 5