Do you think this will happen in Halo 5

so LOCKE and Osiris are teamed up with the arbiters team so do you in some missions we will run into arbiters force’s vs the covenant having a battle and you have the choice to sneak by (don’t know who would) or you join the epic battle I hope we do on some missions. What do you think?

That’s what it looks like by most of the gameplay footage so far. Killing off remnants getting to the Arbiter or with him, since he’s Locke’s only chance to make things easier in finding Chief.

Battles from afar maybe, but having the covenant and the arbiters forces in one battle may cause confusion and friendly fire. so i imagine battles with both forces will be distant cinematic battles rather than gameplay battles.

I do agree with you but ill say this just incase 343 do decide or have already do it so they don’t scrap it the arbiters forces are drop in a orange phantom and when you go to shoot them they have green on your guns. This is probably going to be the only Halo game we can this idea. (depends on how halo 5 ends but who knows)

The e3 demo and swords of sangheilios have already pretty much confirmed that you’ll cross battles between Swords of Sangheilios and Jul Mdama’s Covenant.
Though Arbiter’s forces are friendly, you cant just shoot them. It’s not like Halo 2’s Gravemind level where you can attack both factions.