Do You Think Things Will Turn Around When S3 Gets Here

Do you think once season 3 is here halo infinite will really turn around and be on the right path or will it be the same old story?

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there is no season that can turn things around any more since its a lost case more.
you most also know that the halo serie’s in general has a big trust problem there need to fix first good.


Here’s to hoping

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I voted no but I really want to be proven wrong.


As much as I would love to say yes…but no, I don’t think so. I really think for the most part Halo Infinite is done. Yes, there will be some cool things here and there but overall the game is a lost cause… And with 343 track record, there’s not much reason to have a lot of hope that the next game will be better either unfortunately :disappointed:

343 / MS would be much further ahead just to admit the problems I had with this game and move on. Put their money in resources into the next one and make sure it’s done bloody right!!


Thats the big thing right there. I can’t even get anyone to play Halo anymore because everyone I ask just feels rubbed wrong by the game.
It went from being a passion project to just blatant cash grab.
It just feels so hollow now…


I’m not as bullish as I was before the massive workforce cull.


But the backend of Season 2 has been a lot better. And it sounded like they had settled into a more manageable work flow for 2023 (eg. the promise of regular three month Seasons).

If Season 3 can bring more content and improvement to Forge and game play (eg. desync)… then it could be the springboard for a good year…

But then again…


and not forget the fake promice’s from then.

first there tell that halo infinite gets split screen co-op and years later we going to scrap it.

or now with the campaign story expensions first there tell it will get story expensions and stuff like that and years later there going to scrap it.

if this are not the best exemple’s to lose fast trust in the game serie’s or in the developing company then i not know it any more.


I think it’s important to think of this as a “failed” promise as opposed to a “fake” one.

They obviously tried to get split screen co-op to work. We can see how far they got with the leaked version.

So the “promise” was true at the time - and 343 obviously tried.

So not a “fake” promise at all.

I agree though that we deserve a better explanation of what went wrong.

As other’s have already pointed out - the only thing “fake” about that promise was that it never actually happened.

There are plenty of problems with Infinite. And 343 have a lot of work to win back fan confidence. But it is important to focus on the real issues and not so much on the “fake” promises / news.

I think the darkest hours are just before the dawn, and Infinite/ Halo MP still has an optimistic long term future.

But I think Season 3 is still going to be sort of meh. If 343 is committed to Infinite then I expect we’ll have a great game when season 6 or 7 come around


You could be right.

S3 is more of the turning point as opposed to the turn around.

But if they can nail a few back to back seasons then Season 6 is December this year.

And if by they then they have addressed the major desync issues, moved Forge out of beta, incorporated a solid pathway for getting community creations into playlist rotations, added in missing game modes (specifically Infection), added a career progression mode, lots more content (2 to 3 maps a Season), and finally released Certain Affinity’s long awaited (PVE?) project…

Well. It will be two years late, but Infinite will be on solid ground.

So many “ifs”…


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The only way this game can be turned around is to go back to its roots. The multiplayer has to lessen the sweatfest and be more casual friendly. It needs to remember it wasn’t built for competition play it was built for fun with friends, 343i need to change the maps from three lane identikit to fun play spaces, BTB needs to go right back to its true nature, equal starts don’t just mean player starts but weapon placements and vehicle placements and loose the RNG bullpoop that makes games uneven and mostly one sided.


there is all a explanation from it but there never have post it on the forum.
its on this artikel where a developer has told and explane why it was scrap.

i know that there are big problems and look at the multiplayer how worse the state it has been release and notting good has become from it.

the point i was making more it has a big trust problem and has only become more worse by each worse news about the stat of the game.

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LMAO hell no. I’ll even list the things that are still gonna hurt the game, and probably finally kill it for good:
-garbage controls,
-rotating playlists, of course with some random noncompetitive stuff instead of normal things like FFA, Land Grab etc
-terrible SBMM,
-same terrible store with timed availability and predatory bundles,
-still no proper lobby system, a. k.a. still lack of proper map and modes rotation and no map voting.

They had what, 6 years to properly implement those absolute basics? They got additional year of delay, we’re now another whole year after launch, and the only good thing that ever happened to the game was allowing us to switch that awful global matchmaking to regional, at such pace there’s no way the game is gonna be any good) playable in the next 5-6 years, just like MCC.


Look, I’ll get the pass and work through it. But it’s not me you need to convince to come back. :smile:

But I think we will be sat waiting for Tatanka or maybe even the next game.

Even if they get into that cycle of 3 months and can sustain that there isn’t enough wind in the sails to get things going.

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I think we are already in the process of a very slow turn around, but I don’t think season 3 is going to bring anything revolutionary enough to speed that process along. The game will be better once S3 is out, but not by the degree that the majority of people would hope for.


I’ll still buy the BP, and enjoy what I can put of this game. But my friends avoid this game like the plague. Here’s to hoping it improves so I don’t need to convince my friends to come back to halo.


Yep, keep paying for a broken game, that will improve it :person_facepalming:


Absolutely not by season 3. Maybe like MCC so in 6ish years but not before that.

I lack the technical insider info regarding the engine and its workings but what we have experienced so far, it’s safe to say that it’s FUBAR (UI limitations anyone?). I wonder how long it’s going to take them to solve desync and that daft matchmaking algorithm…