Do you think they will fix certain contradictions in Halo Anniversary?

For example, how do they plan on handling the “Sargent Johnson dies at least 4 times during the Campaign” contradiction? Or the wrong date on the marine’s helmet cam.

Stuff like that.

They said exactly the same so i suppose it would be the same, maybe different character models for sergeants other than Johnson and Stacker.

I hope they don’t

Johnson never die… he just take a nap

i don’t think they need to fix the sgt. johnson problem because the community loves him. Although I do find it funny that sgt, johnson can make 4 plus appearances in Truth and Reconciliation

Sgt Stacker.Nuff said.

It really doesn’t bother me that much, especially after we’ve seen that if you kill Johnson, he just rises back up after laying on the ground for a few seconds. If anything it’s a funny little thing that doesn’t have any impact on gameplay.

There’s nothing wrong with Johnson clones. It’s when Shipmasters look like Field Marshals or have white armor that there is a major canon break.