Do you think the story still matters

Do y’all think anyone still cares about Halo’s story is still around? The way everything was just jumped over like the Infinity collapse and Cortana’s biggest action shown over a lame flashback cutscene makes me wonder if Halo is now just an adult version of Fortnite only caring about multiplayer. Serious question not trying to be jaded or whatever. Just want to have hope that all the good scenes and buildup from the books isn’t just… gone


For the players and fans, the story matter ! Halo is a big universe over a dozen games and thirty novels ! It’s comparable to Star Wars if we forget the movies

For 343, the story don’t matter ! At each game, they start something new and don’t end the story :

  • Halo 4 is about the Didact (who survive just to reappear in comics)
  • Halo Spartan Ops is about Jul Mdama (who die quickly in Halo 5 first mission)
  • Halo 5 is about Cortana and the AI getting evil (all of that just for kill her of screen before Infinite campaign start)
  • Halo Infinite tell us the story with hologram like if it wasn’t important
    So yes, clearly, the story don’t matter for 343 !

This is a comment I appreciate… you’re absolutely correct. And props to everyone who created those stories I’m sorry for them that their vision was distorted and ruined by corporate greed… Gives the common story teller motivation to stay independent and work only for themselves and their fans. And l will alway I’ll appreciate those stories and all those books because I’ve read them all too, got me through many a night shift. I’ll hope that 343 still has 1 or 2 good story tellers among them but guess that story is one I should no longer hold to as much esteem… Infinite is just a game like Fortnite now, but that’s okay because they gave at least a few great stories before they sold out


I really want to like the story and follow it, but I just can’t get into it. I’m not really sure it’s worth salvaging without rebooting the series to pre-Halo 4/Forerunner trilogy books.

Halo’s main story ends with Chief and Cortana adrift the broken Forward Unto Dawn for me.


The story is the ONLY reason I’m still around. Which is also why I have completely stopped playing Infinite, because I think the story is sh**.


You’re asking if it’s an adult version of fortnite and also saying it’s a serious question?

Yes, of course we still care about the story. Infinite’s is one of the franchise’s best campaigns period.


I think 343i should just expand the current map with new expansions. Kind of like most games with an open world when unlocking a new area after an update. I think thats the best bet for the campaign if they want Master chief to adventure through the Halo ring.

Plus, can create new regions

story wise, infinite just feels like a half baked attempt to end 5s story, tie it in with halo wars 2, and also build up a completely different story all at once. so at the moment i dont care where the story goes from here, it’s completely up in smoke.


Story is obviously still important for Halo as a whole. The better question is what story does 343 Industries want to tell? Because after Halo 4 they’ve struggled to be consistent. It’s been one new baddie after another with plot points coming and going without resolution. Infinite tends to earn my ire more because of how desperate 343 was to jump ship and how that hurt Infinite’s story if you peel back the layers and really examine it.

I hope moving forward 343 has the confidence they need to tell a consistent story. But I’m skeptical.


Infinite’s story was fine, but not nearly as memorable as the original trilogy stories.

HCE involved multiple huge plot twists and a great military sci fi focus.

H2 showed us that conflicts aren’t ever simple, with a few big ancient revelations and a glimpse into an alien empire that was at war with itself as well as humanity.

H3 landed us on The Ark where we hunted down the big bad villain and tried to stop the universal apocalypse for good.

In Infinite we got a new AI buddy, befriended a grump, raided some bases, and met a new villain race we didn’t learn anything about. Substantially less memorable moments than the big epic story themes in the original trilogy


No, Halo 5 was up in smoke. With what you described, its just a ashes as of right now. Meaning it has the chance to become up in flames again or can build from the ground up with something new.

halo 5 campaign lost a LOT of fans. Like it or love it, it damaged the fans’ relationship with the lore. Infinite wasn’t a reboot and did not rewrite 5, but instead pulled us out of the gunk of its narrative without spitting on fans of halo 5’s story. Infinite’s campaign is mediocre in many regards, but a shining star of excellence in the most important ones.

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excellently stated. I don’t want people to think that there’s nothing wrong with the campaign- it’s not perfect- but phrasing the problem without sounding like you’re attacking it is difficult.


Well I liked Infinite’s campaign I wish we had more characters we actually care about, the pilot doesent totally do it for me and besides that its still lacking, why do they keep the remaing characters from the original trilogy absent like Pete Stacker, Lordhood, the Shipmaster and Arbiter, they didnt pay off halo 5’s ending at all for the reunion we wanted id be more invested if we actually had characters who have been there since the start or new ones that just click with us like the old ones, well blue team was cool in h5 i dont keep up on the books or care to much i only hear bits

Stacker couldve been the new johnson,

Where is chipps Dubbo

Lordhood brought the forground of the unsc the head dude where the hell is he, I dont want a mention in infinite I want him, and bring back Jun dont just sideline and retire a sick character when youve killed so many off,

Infinite even lacked the whole command structure of the original halos, getting orders, it was literally just you against an army no supporting cast thats even been there since halo 4 343’s story besides audio logs

halo 5 had potential for something good, infinite just feels like it uses some cheap way of peaking intrerest, like why act like atriox was killed in the first place if they were just gonna bring him back? it’s almost the same crap they pulled with cortana. dont get me wrong 5 bring cortana was a cheap move too but it probably would’ve been good to get new promethean enemies, weapons, and vehicles! i wouldn’t be so pissed at infinite if it introduced actual new enemies and vehicles or weapons that actually feel futuristic or like an alien made them.

then theres the endless who are like “you know that thing the halos are known for thats been exclaimed pretty much throughout the whole series? that doesn’t affect them.” why does that matter didn’t stop the covenant, almost tricked the banished so who cares what or who survives it the same out come, we die, it just so stupid.

I think H5 did irreparable damage to the narrative. At least the parts surrounding Chief and Cortana.


and they think bringing her replacement was gonna make thing alright? i would’ve prefer chief on his own, with blue team, or just the pilot. i find the weapon too happy in infinite it kinda takes the mood out of “we just lost and a lot of people are dead.”

I was ok with the Weapon’s introduction, because it made sense. The fact of the matter is Cortana is just a computer program, she can be rebuilt. Obviously Chief didn’t see her that way, but Halsey did, and as Cortana’s creator she kinda gets the final say. Cortana’s rampancy was all about loss and acceptance, they weren’t gonna find a cure for death, and Chief learning to move on would’ve been a nice thread. Instead we got Geneva Suggestions Kill Bot 1000. And we didn’t even get to fight her. Also, if they had the guts to run with the logic plague, they could have had history repeat itself with Mendicant and Offensive Bias. Gravemind playing the long game and being behind the unrest in the galaxy for the last decade would have been a sick way to reintroduce the flood.

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I hope they are gone. Some of the worst campaigns in Halo games (4+5) had a strong tie to external stories of the books and web shows. I’d rather have the story of the games be disconnected from the books like the bungie games were. Have them be their games and books each have their own universes.


maybe using a copy of her does make sense but her happy go lucky attitude is just annoying to me.
i felt previous halo games were more serious than this and in less grim situations.