Do you think the Didact was a good villain?

For me it was great, had a great design and true “motives” to hate humanity, but i want to read you people.


I think he was an “ok” villain in Halo 4 that had great potential, but slightly wasted. They brought back a literal Forerunner then instantly got rid of him again.
I love the Didact as a character in books and game and terminals combined.
I agree that his motivations are interesting, but I can imagine that they could be very confusing to those who don’t know his backstory.


The Didact was a compelling character in Greg Bear’s books, and he was an intimidating enemy in Halo 4, though the semi-cinematic quick-time event was anticlimactic. I personally would have very much preferred a boss battle like we had with Tartarus in Halo 2, or one of the Warden Eternal fights from Halo 5.

I wasn’t a fan of the Didact being revived in a comic, only to be taken down immediately by a Composer… something he said in a cutscene that his augmentations made him immune to.


He certainly had the potential, but was somewhat squandered. He could have returned in Halo 5, but that obviously didn’t turn out to be the case. He was intimidating in Halo 4, and his speech at the end of the game is still chilling, but he didn’t really go anywhere… I mean, he was one of the greatest of the Forerunners, and nothing really happened.


I felt like I really didn’t know anything about him until I saw the terminals, so I ended up not really caring about him at all in halo 4 on my first playthrough

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I think he’s a great villain with a powerful backstory and good reasons. Liked him very much.


I think he had a decent beginning in Halo 4 and any problems with his story could have been ironed out and improved in Halo 5. Sadly, that didn’t happen. Otherwise, he had (has?) tons of potential.

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I like his motives, but his design and abilities reminded me too much of darth vader. In some ways he did not seem like he belonged in halo. Honestly the switch in art style in halo 4 was jarring. Like a few other repsonses I felt he was also wasted in being defeated in a quick time event.


Didact would have been a great villain if 343i had followed the rule of show not tell. They took the time to build him up and tell us in books and in terminals, he was a bad dude. However if you skipped all that, and just played Halo 4 directly after Halo 3…you’d be lost and he ends up being the “Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain”.

343i has done a lot of world building and making the Halo universe feel full and rich with lore, while also self sabotaging their game releases with half baked game play and recons.

Halo 4 kinda felt pointless other than getting Chief back to Sol.
Halo 5 had another chance at a villain built up in the Halo 4 terminals and in some of the books in Jul, and then killed him unceremoniously in a cutscene. Makes sense if the “Hunt The Truth” storyline was where Halo 5 was going to go, but it didnt…

So yeah.


Honestly this, 343 has been making the mistake of not following the show don’t tell rule and its been harming the franchise consistently, I hope this is fixed with Infinite but when I heard they explained what the flood were and what the forerunners did to cause the flood to become a thing I was like “waow okay you ruined the mystery and turned the forerunners into assholes who screwed over the galaxy because baby wouldn’t get to keep their stinky mantle”

God I hope they got better at this.

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From a purely game perspective, no. However, after reading the Forerunner trilogy and going through Halo 4’s terminals, I can say the Didact was an extremely complex “villain”that I wish was fleshed out more in the games and had the Reclaimer saga be more about Chief going against him than it was.

If he was able to compose all the ancient de evolved humans, the forerunners would still be holding onto the mantle and the galaxy would continue to thrive, heck there was probably still back up human templates they could have used after words but instead the librarian betrayed her husband, gave humanity the genetic make up to access their technology and cause humanity once again to fight the flood :roll_eyes:

The Didact had potential to be a great villain, but I think he was grossly under utilized in the game series. I wanted to see more of him in Halo 4 and I really hoped he’d make an appearance in Halo 5.

Same, I figured giving him and his world 3 books as well as setting up Jul in the books and comics like they did, they were about to have a great adversary in the Didact and Jul combo going forward…

Then in the next series they composed the Didact and he’s just not been seen since…and we watched Jul die in a cut scene…

I’ve talked this point to death in the old Waypoint forums but I just hope we don’t have dumb crap like this in Infinite.

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They need to keep Atriox and Escharum as the new big bads for the next couple of games. Creating new villains every other game is making each game feel detached from the greater overall story of the series and hard to follow.