Do you think that the Arbiter will die?

So I’ve been thinking. If the Arbiter is helping Locke find Chief and Locke is willing to do anything to find Chief, do you think he’d go as far as to kill the Arbiter if he got in the way and tried to stop Locke? Is Locke crazy enough to potentially start another conflict between elites and humans by killing the Arbiter in his search for the Master Chief ?

I think that if the Arbiter got in Locke’s way then Locke might take the risk and kill him. ONI might stop at nothing to cover up the kidnapping plot of the Spartan Program and to kill John. They might even be willing to start war with the Sangheili. I think that they still see Thel as a threat so they might take him out but then cover it up, or they might just point their fingers at someone else and set something up. They could make the Elites start a war with someone else so that ONI can finish off the Elites when they’re weakened and vulnerable.

If he dies he will probably die in a heroic sort of way, such as sacrificing himself to help save Sangehelios.

I think he will die.