Do you think spartan ops is fun?

I think its the only gamemode that i dont like in halo 4, its just a big grind in my opinion.

I like the CGI… the missions are okay. Nothing worth doing over and over unless you’re hunting for XP / commendations.

Its the only online thing I’ve done in Halo 4 besides the Campaign Commendations and I personally love it to death. I could care less if its reused maps from MP and campaign. It needs a couple of fixes no doubt, but I enjoy it thoroughly.

The CGI episodes at the beginning of each is great. The missions are… meh. However, Episode 3 has got me on board I think. It was actually fun in my opinion and the story suddenly became interesting.

Playing the Spec Ops missions is as fun as punching a brick wall for 25 minutes.

It’s an enjoyable game mode. I originally thought there’d be more story to the missions, but I like it for what it is.

The one thing that does bother me about the games, is the constant “get to the last objective” then immediately “oh no, more waves of enemy reinforcements”…it gets old. The ending parts are always a grind, and get tiring to deal with.