Do you think Precursors will be in Halo 4?

Title says it all, I mean, its been really heavily implied that somehow Precursors will be involved in Halo 4. A big hint as well is Cryptum, and the upcoming Primordium. What do you think, do you think Precursors will or will not be in Halo 4?

Even though i played halo since 2001, i do not who Precursor are. Really i haven’t really followed the story at all, just cared for the multiplayer and gameplay. To be honest i almost dont know who Forerunners or Elites are either …

I do think that there will be Precursors.

> To be honest i almost dont know who Elites are either …


> > To be honest i almost dont know who Elites are either …
> Really?

Elites are the giant hinge-heads who were the highest ranking species in the Covenant until the Prophet of Regret died. After that the Prophet of Truth decided he didn’t like the aliens that said “Blarg” and “Honk” and tried to kill them off with his Brute buddies even though the Elites were a lot smarter and were more skilled at combat. Anyway, the Elites teamed up with the humans, killed Truth, and went home where they are facing new problems such as civil war. I’m only 2/3 of the way through Glasslands, so I can’t say anything else for the Elites on their home-planet, Sangheilios.


A “Forerunner” trilogy buddy. The Forerunners got their technology pretty much from the Precursors. They most likey will be mentioned in game by a monitor, sentinel, or another AI construct on Sigma 7. I hope they are involved in the game but from what I have heard here and there, the Precursors could all be dead, maybe, I’m probably wrong.

Halo: Glasslands was a great book.

I’m scared.

The Ancient Enemy could be The Didact…

I think the last precursor who was imprisoned on a pre-human planet will be revealed. AT THE RIGHT TIME.

I’m pretty sure it’s a precursor based on the fact that in the clip images that they have shown us on the enemy the arms from this ‘ancient enemy’ are bug like sculpted and you can see that the first of the 6 arms the first one is abnormally low and close to the bottom of the body. Humans don’t have arms that are attached to their hips, bugs do. And the precursor is a bug like huminoid. Oh plus you can see a pattern where the arms are which shows the middle arm in the picture (3 arms on both sides). Oh the pleasent contradictions I might face, as if the enemy would be forerunners; in the concept art in one of the pictures there is a forerunner fighter ship that goes past marines and a whole pile of human ships and the marines don’t fire at it, they are just watching it which means it’s probably friendly.

Here’s the link to the picture - It’s a composition of all the images shown in the video flick of the ancient enemy

Oh and the last precursor could of long re-populated or better yet cloned or perhaps discovered more precursors, it is possible. In the series they weren’t entirely certain that the precursors or flood where entirely elimited; for one they believed in the preservation of all life (the mantle) and also the Halo rings activation distruction range wasn’t unlimited, which means it doesn’t kill everything in the universe.

Most indefinite!

Yeah, that’s the only logical enemy left besides maybe a slim chance of forerunner. In less they introduce something new entirely to the series with wouldn’t make sense because they were talking about an ancient evil. So I’m assuming it’ll be precursor or forerunner.

I think that thing on the pic looks pretty much like the Didact’s War Sphinx. What do you think?

Part of me thinks that they might be in the sequels to 4, with 4 being the lead up to their unveiling. It would seem a bit overkill to suddenly have Forerunners and Precursors running around.

At least that’s how I view it.

Not sure. It seems a bit weird if we would suddenly get to see/fight them that soon. A more steady approach to their reveal, a la Mass Effect’s reveal of the Reapers from ME1 through ME2, seems more in place.

Basically, I expect the Precursors to take over the place the Forerunners have played so far in the Halo games: on the background, mostly as myths. I do believe we will see them showing up sometime during this new Trilogy.

I think they will be, but it will be some final battle like the moniter was.
This is probably because thats who I think the librarian is.

I hope that Master Chief finds superman’s home world in Halo 4<3

We meet again, young one. I am the last of those that gave you breath and shape and form, millions of years ago.

I am the last of those your kind rose up against and ruthlessly destroyed.

I am the last Precursor.

And our answer is at hand.

(this is the last precursor or ‘‘timeless one’’ speaking to Didact while imprisoned on a pre-human world. or so says halowiki.)

I don’t get it, how is the last Precursor still alive? It’s been millions of years since hes been kept prisoner.

> I don’t get it, how is the last Precursor still alive? It’s been millions of years since hes been kept prisoner.

Well he is not still imprisoned, as the pre-humans were knocked back to tier 7 on the forunner technology scale (the stone ages). But he might have escaped, and since his civilization (the precursors) were in tier 0 and could travel between galaxies, I’m assuming he’s still alive.