Do you think hit markers should be in halo?

I don’t really care but post your opinion.

Your hit marker is the enemy’s shields.

> Your hit marker is the enemy’s shields.

I wouldn’t bother me if it didn’t make it into Halo 4 or if it did, I’d like to see a change though.

No. Shields are good enough, we don’t need major changes to gameplay to make it similar to Halo’s rivals.

Well sometimes its kind of hard to tell if your shots are htting, but I really don’t care one way or the other.

I think there should be a slightly louder noise when a bullet makes impact with a n enemy just to allow players the opportunity to know they’re hitting every shot.

I think the kill feed should be revamped to be smaller and more concise. Currently I look for the credit award notification to tell me if I got a grenade kill and some DMR body shot kills. But I don’t think the game needs visible hit markers on your reticule. The current shield animation does a great job of telling you if you hit someone and roughly how much shield they have left. Plus, you can already kind of hear an opponents shield pop if you’re not looking at them directly. I don’t really have any problems with the lack of hit markers so I’m of a “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” kind of opinion.

I know Halo CE on PC had a pinging sound when your shots would hit an enemy playing online.

> Your hit marker is the enemy’s shields.

Maybe for long range, but otherwise I see no point with shields already in place.

> Your hit marker is the enemy’s shields.

There’s no point in a hit marker. It’d be like CoD and it’s pretty awesome when you hit somebody. They’re shields flare.

Shield flare and blood work well enough for me.