Do you think Halo Infinite will be great or are there too many issues for you?

Honestly I think the game is great despite some issues. But do you think there are too many problems stacking up before launch and it’ll end up being a disappointment like Vanguard and Battlefield?

Unfortunately I think this game will get a lot of hate, it already is tbh. But it’s nice to see a lot of other people having more fun than they did in Halo 4 and 5.

Btw please keep it civil in the comments

The gameplay itself is great. The problem is the progression system. If they fixed it, it would easily be an outstanding game.

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Single player seems ok most of the time……until:
You enter a match as a fire team. Hit registration goes to the toilet playing against certain players. It also seems it takes less time to die. There has to be some way to mitigate poor connections. Don’t know if it’s frame rate, poor ping, pc matchmaking or outright cheating by some players but the experience becomes sour. It’s hard to improve or assess your skill level when these lopsided issues smack in the face.

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I think the game is and will do great. Yes it has its fair share of issues but within time i have faith that 343 will iron them out.

I want this game to succeed, its really fun and polished. Just needs tweaks here and there.

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I’m having a blast with this game. It feels the competitive itch that games like Destiny and Call of Duty just can’t match up to, while also being a nice 10 minute per match game that games like Counter Strike and Valorant can’t match (I can’t dedicate 45+ mins to a single game).

I’m an old halo player that played CE, 2, 3 etc. so although the progression sucks it isn’t the end of the world for me because at the end of the day it’s about ranking up, honing your skills, competition and fun. A newer generation of gamers expect something different, I guess.

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The gameplay loop and multiplayer is fun, no denying that, but its being choked by the systems surrounding it.

Specifically the armour coating issues (at least for me, armour cores I like in concept but something as the colours being even more restrictive than destiny’s shader system, of which the coatings resembles, is not good, along with Armour Kits being glorified skins & a majority of the base armour core parts (Mark VII) being in the cash shop.) & the BP, though I don’t need to talk about that, its a topic already beaten to death at this rate.

Its not so much hatred, but more coming from a source of “worry”, especially since we don’t have Forge at launch either, which means allowing the community to sustain themselves will be limited till thats finally added.

It has the potential to be great, it is great to play, but to progress and express? its unfortunately worse than what was expected.

Campaign ive heard is good though, so thats a relief, but that doesn’t erase the current issues occurring in multiplayer’s progression & expression at this time.

Part of the reason I’m frustrated about the state of the game is because it has a bunch of tiny issues that can be easily addressed.

Progression? Easily fixed with tweaking some numbers.

BTB Gameplay? Easily fixed by putting more vehicle/weapon spawns on maps.

Boring maps? They’ll add more, especially when forge release?

Store prices too expensive? They can adjust them or add more value to purchases.

Customization suffers from needless restrictions? They can loosen up restrictions post launch.

Collision issues leading to wonky gameplay experiences? They already said they can turn it back on.

Terrible playlist collection? Once again, they’ll add more

The gameplay is good and aesthetics appealing, and there’s a strong core foundation to build upon.

The problem is that there’s so many small problems currently it feels like a 'Death by a thousand paper cuts" situation to me. It’s not like Battlefield where they decided to ignore almost all feedback from the previous entire and change the core/identity of the franchise.

Another part of the frustration also comes from the fact that almost every major issue people are complaining about were brought up long ago (coatings and flight feedback)

The issues are fixable and I’d like it to do well as it’s the closest to a true Halo multiplayer 343 have made. Only issue is I have very little faith in 343.

Roughly 11 years and they seem to still struggle with the concept of what makes Halo, Halo.

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Gameplay is good but the competitive ranking system seems like it was designed for noobs not to be discouraged. Ive noticed that losing does not rank you down. The only thing that makes you lose rank is quitting. This takes away the competitive feel in my opinion. Just off that alone makes me not want to play the game

For 6 years, it is very half baked, and quite buggy. First impressions are very important and many will flock before the content rolls in.

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Bored of it already, doesn’t even feel like a halo game.

Bungie knows halo….343 doesn’t.


This is so confusing and actually makes me question whether you’ve played the game or not. This Halo feels the most Halo since Halo 3.

And if you keep up with anything Destiny related, you’d know that Bungie is so far up their own -Yoink!- that if they tried to develop a Halo game today, it would play more like Call of Duty than Halo.

The problem is the game is free to play and the way they’re going about monetizing it is WAY too predatory.

Only way I could see this game being great is if they got rid of the whole free to play model and completely re-did the progression/unlock system from scratch.

I’m having a lot f fun playing this game, not rushing the pass for progress sakes but taking my time to learn the maps and all the new equipment. It’s a lot of fun.

It’ll be great if they listen to the community on things like progression, controls, crossplay settings, and AR tuning.

I think the greatness is somewhere in there and I believe it’s achievable by some tweaking. Whether or not that is actually accomplished is to be determined in the future.

The lions share of issues the game currently experiences are QOL issues, there are very, very few actual mechanical or technical problems with the game. While I don’t want to take away from a need to make those QOL adjustments and address those mechanical issues, I think the biggest issue this game has is its audiences fundamental misunderstanding that this is a free game.

Take away cosmetics, and you’re getting the entire MP suite; maps, modes, playlists, ranked/unranked matchmaking, all completely free. People who have been around more than 20 years will remember playing a game because you actually just enjoyed the game, and being able to play a full, generally well made MP title for free is a pretty big deal when you gain some perspective on the matter. I know this will hurt some feelings, but if you’re not putting money into it you don’t really have a say regarding content, especially cosmetics and the like.

That all being said BP progression and the systems that comprise it is the biggest issue surrounding getting people to buy in to the seasons pass mechanic. If they can’t get people to buy in with any consistency, the entire FTP MP approach will fail. They need to ensure they keep reacting and keep tweaking to make it clear to consumers they want to get it right and keep the pass you pay for not only interesting but worth the grind it takes to clear a pass. Content not expiring is a huge boon, but people have to be able to reasonably earn that content without feeling required to buy boosts on top of a seasons pass. That’s bad business and will kill your prospective player base very quickly.

Ditto the premium purchases/shop. They will increase interest in premium purchases considerably if people actually get full use of what they bought. Armor coatings and visor colors need to be 100% universal, locking them to a specific core is utter nonsense. I feel helmets and armor pieces should also have greater flexibility, but I understand (somewhat) why you’d lock those to a core if you want specific cores to carry a certain aesthetic. Where things like color are concerned, it is utterly absurd to have people buy premium color pallets and limit their use. While I understand an armor kit needs to be head to toe pre-made, letting people use the unique coating from that kit as they please will increase value, especially as that’s likely the sole reason they bought the damn thing in the first place. Increased value means increased purchases, and make no mistake 343i is 100% out to get as much off of seasons pass and the shop as possible.

As it stands their approach to FTP is not a great one; making people feel like they’ll need to purchase boosts on top of a seasons pass, or making premium purchases frustrating by limiting how you can use what you buy are surefire ways to kill your revenue stream. Fortunately they are already acknowledgeling progression issues and making adjustments, that they’re doing this within 4 days of a soft launch is promising, and if they keep up that attitude I’d say they’ll do OK.

I’ve been around for more than 20 years and played games into the wee hours with friends on a tiny split screen crt. Being lectured that I need to settle for that and only that is simply condescending.

Gaming has come a long way since then, and the features of achievement and ranks and so on have been fine tuned to add to the gaming experience. What you ask of me is to GO BACK 20 years and accept a modern game from that perspective. No thanks.


You either missed or actively ignored the entire point of the paragraph you quoted.

Everything you’re saying holds water in a game YOU PURCHASED. If you paid for it then you should absolutely demand a comprehensive package. If you’re demanding that package in a free game, you’re an entitled brat at any age.