Do You Think Halo 4 can Be Using CryEngine?

Judging By The Graphics and The Lighting,and Reflective Properties, The Graphics Look a Lot Like Crysis 2. Also The Spartans Models Look A lot Like The Nano Suit Because they Look Big And Puffy . Although I could Be Wrong Because It’s still In a Beta Phase. Either Way i Think The Game Looks Amazing, And i do know they Used Reach’s Engine, Along with, i Think Halo 3’s Engine and Halo 2’-Yoink!- Scan. Just Want Other’s Opinions.

Nano Suit 2.0 Model

Sparten 4 Model

Sparten 4 Model

Nano Suit 2.0

Sorry dude, Still reach’s engine just heavily modified. Frankie confirmed.

No CryEngine. In an interview with X-Play Frankie said it was still the Halo engine. As of course with each new installment, the engine being barely recognizable from the past game, but it’s still Halo deep down.

Yea i already Knew that I just Found it So Amazing how they actually got that Much of a Difference out of Reach’s Engine

Also you know that Cryisis picture is not an in game picture right?

I’m playing lot of Killzone 3 lately. When I saw those screeshots and clips, I thought to myself: “what sorcery is this?”. Some parts looks like taken straight from competitor. But to be honest, every modern AAA game engine can do that. Even Halo 3 engine could do similar things with lighting and reflections, but Bungie art team was little… conservative in using such effects (as well as depth of view etc.).

It doesn’t work that way, chief.

well there you see back in ponyville we know that halo 4 will not be using a new engine but rather the same one except it is heavily modified and i hope i pwn rainbow dash on there… 0_o

I just hope it doesn’t have the Grainy Effect that Reach has. Other than that I’m Blown away by everything I saw.

Every single Halo game has been run off of the original Halo Combat Evolved engine, just broken down and modified for each new game… Halo 4 is running off of the Reach engine which is really just the “Halo Engine”. It will be highly modified just as every new Halo game is

> It doesn’t work that way, chief.

What do you mean?

> I just hope it doesn’t have the Grainy Effect that Reach has.

I liked that effect. However for what I’ve seen in other games it looks much better when combine with some over-saturated lighting and dull colors (what is totally what Halo series isn’t). I don’t expect to see graphics like those from Killzone 3 or Crysis 2, but I hope Halo 4 will look as good as (let say) Gears of War 3.

The graphic were amazing! I’m not surprised some people confused it with the CryEngine.

Yeah I thought the the MC looked kinda like the Nano suit in crysis. Thats a good thing though, Crysis is a beautiful game! I’d have to say out of the video after the BR, the thing I was impressed with the most was the graphics.

> I just hope it doesn’t have the Grainy Effect that Reach has. Other than that I’m Blown away by everything I saw.

Not even close. Also, the use of a specific game engine doesn’t dictate the art style, oor how the assets look. And if it still weren’t so obvious, they even said they’d used a (nearly) completely rewritten halo engine.

If it was CryEngine, you’d know immediately.

Definitely not CryEngine.