Do you think Chief is being hunted?

Hello, so instantly when looking at the Halo 5: Guardians wallpaper… Straight away I felt like the top Spartan is no good, if you look closely you can see the ONI logo on the Spartans chest, I have a huge feeling that this person is like some sort of an Assassin to find Master Chief because he has gone rogue, doesn’t that just sound amazing?! It would make no sense if Chief suddenly became friends with another Spartan so to be honest I have a huge feeling ONI sent the guy to find Chief…Anyone?

I doubt they’d ever try to “kill” john, but maybe it’s someone sent to find him and capture him.

maybe we’ll play as him in a split campaign between chief and that Spartan.

…Where did you get the idea that they’re friends from the cover?

Yup, that’s my theory as well…but I feel this ONI spartan will turn good at some point like the Arbiter did

Anyone else find it funny this is 343s second game and theyre following the same steps as the second Bungie Halo game with Arby haha

I’m getting images of Spartan vs Spartan face off in Campaign. Oni Spartan finds Poncho Chief in a cave. Oni spartan engages him after brief convo, but loses to Chief. Chief then spares him after the scuffle.

that would be so badass!

Imagine if you could play both Chief, the hunted, and the dude hunting him. That would be pretty damn awesome IMO.