Do you think all the playable campaign characters

… will Return in Halo 6?

Maybe, but I hope the next team is chief, lock, arbiter, and someone else. Maybe buck, but that’s a weird crowed for him lol.

Maybe. At the end of Halo 5 343 seemed to have set up our new four man squad in case they decide on doing squad combat again.
(Chief, Locke, Arbiter, Palmer)

If this does become the squad of H6 then we probably won’t see too much of the others. But then again. I’d kind of like to see Chief running solo again except for maybe having the Arbiter around in a few missions.

I’d like to see Chief go solo again, but I wouldn’t complain if we saw Fred, Kelly, and Linda return. We hardly got to play as Blue Team after all.

I just want to play as Arby again.