Do you think a Race gametype and playlist...

As the title carrys on… would be a good idea for Race to come back for Halo 4? But you can set it to be any kind of vehicle! Even air racing with Falcons, Banshees etc. Or even that vehicle that’s twice the size of the elephant race on ground! Don’t you think any of those ideas are just simply fun?

If you have any ideas, feel free to share them! Tell me what you think about Race for Halo 4. :slight_smile:

EDIT: When I said “Playlist”… I don’t mean it as a permanent playlist. I mean it as my friend correctly said; a double EXP (or double cR) weekend playlist. What do you think?

100% down w/this.

Playlist for TU this, Elite that, ZB this, grifball that…


We have to go to Mult-Team and hope to win the vote for a ‘descent’ racing gam

I like Halo racing but for a playlist absolutly not.

Also you can already race Falcons and Banshee’s in Reach. I have a Race that uses Falcons, Revenants and Mongoose’s. I call it Triathlon. In my fileshare if anyone cares.

depends on how popular the playlist would be, if only 100 or so people played then you can bet they wouldn’t have it, however if say a 1000 people play it then I see no point as to why they wouldn’t put it in the game.

Not a playlist, but a gametype like Rocket Race more readily available.

Only as a Double EXP Weekend.

well heres the thing i didnt like the forge maps in reach for the record but if the put race in h4 i want it to not just be random checkpoints on the multiplayer maps make specific racetrack maps in forge because they are much better than the stupid checkpoints on hemmorage

Well, there’s no reason to remove the race gametype. However, I still want VIP back. There was no reason to remove that, either.

> Only as a Double EXP Weekend.

Having it as a permanent playlist would not be such a good idea. What you say sounds spot on! I’ll change the topic :slight_smile: